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The Residential Process

Our design process begins with understanding the context of the site, agency approval requirements and influences of the sun, wind and views. 

We study these impacts on the specific site and craft concepts that result in massing studies, functional layout studies and square footage options. All of these help in the formulation of a project scope and in developing a budget and schedule for the ultimate success of each project. 

At the same time, we work with each client to understand their specific lifestyle and expectations for the project through a pre-design questionnaire we have developed.

We will employ new advances in technology, including virtual reality, to assist our clients in understanding how our documents translate in

3-dimensions, allowing them to "walk through" the home we are designing.

Then we work with other local professionals, including contractors, who help create budgets and schedules and consultants well-versed in the Coastal Development Permit (CDP) process, as appropriate to your location.

Case Study 1: Sea Lion, The Sea Ranch

Case Study 2: Big Gulch, Gualala

Case Study 3 The Sea Ranch

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